iOS 8 Update for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5: Problems on the Way

By: Ishan Mathur from

Ever since the iO8 rolled out for iPhones, iPads, and iPods, people have downloaded it as quickly as possible. Obviously, it is one of the biggest updates to date. Every Apple user wants to experience what it feels like using the new operating system (OS) especially after Apple’s recent event.

However, this early, troubles seem to be brewing in the new OS paradise.

Many incidents of devices hanging not only while but also after updating to the iOS 8 are being reported among iPhone users. The problem seem to happen more frequently among those with iPhone 4S than those who own iPhone 5 and new iPads. There is no doubt that iPhone 4S is the oldest device running on iOS 8 and the transition has not been that great.

Not surprisingly, numerous forums are now overloaded with complaints and questions on  the new iOS 8 update for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

A lot of users have also complained about how the phone asked for around 5 GB of storage space while updating. Users have to delete a lot of personal content. However, the new operating system doesn’t actually consume all the space later. A better solution, without deleting photos and songs, is to update through iTunes.

Some experts explained that the onset of popularity for iOS8 has been way lesser than iOS 7 and iOS 8. By tomorrow, only less than 10% of all the Apple devices will be running on iOS 8. This explains the fear and ambiguity around the update.

So what ‘s the solution?

There is no doubt that sooner or later most Apple users will have to start using iOS 8. It is a step towards the future and Apple is expected to come up with answers soon. They may even roll fixes and update patches in less than a month to respond to user queries.

Meanwhile, it is better to keep your phone free from unwanted junk. Before starting the update, delete any unnecessary apps and Safari cache to create as much space as possible. Update the phone using iTunes and when it’s complete, spend some time understanding how the new iOS 8 works. If you have iPhone 4S with 8 GB space, keep RAM usage under control with a third party app. Keep deleting the unwanted data as frequently as possible to get the best of everything. This wil help run the news operating system flawlessly.


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